School is fun.

You just have to know when to have fun.

School is fun


you have to know that your work comes first.

School is fun

and play time is for later.

Read all that you can.

Study all that you can.

Do not focus on having so many friends.


That is why I say school is fun.

You should never be a follower.

Do not follow a crowd if you see one.

Be a leader because some of your classmates may never be one.

Pay attention and if you messed up this semester,

Remember there is always next semester.

Keep your head up and everyone makes mistakes.

No one is perfect.


neither are you.

So do the best you can before this term ends and the whole semester.

You’ll pick it back up.



What was one thing that motivated you to stay in school?

And reflect that back on your grades.

You will be alright.

School is fun


play time comes later.


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