The role of division
Is being played heavy
With skin tones hating
Hating each other wrongly

Light and dark skin
Has the same race
Little do you know
No matter what tone

We are all unique
We are all black
Dark skins are beautiful
Light skins are beautiful

Dark skins are strong
Light skins are strong
We are not weak
Our skin is healthy

No matter the tone
Our skin is sensitive
Towards hate that’s blunt
Sensitive towards racism also

Division is not healthy
You will catch ugliness
Light skins are happy
Dark skins are happy

Light skins are faithful
Dark skins are faithful
Let’s bring our tones
To reunite with joy

What others say is
Irrelevant to the ears
That are listening closely
We are being divided

Division is upon us
It’s time to clear
Offensive comments shouldn’t appear
Towards the same race

The role of division
Is being played heavy
Let’s stop this nonsense
Before our bodies disappear

With guns others have
One shot can appear
Because of hatred towards
Skin tones that are

The same race, black?
Division is upon us
Let’s break it with
Love that’s not blind


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