These bitches are starting to make me angry.
Every time I leave out the house,
there is a female staring at me.
I mean,
Am I ugly?
Am I pretty?
Am I stunning?
At least say hello…
These bitches must want to be my friend cause they always staring.
I mean, I don’t mind accepting new friends.
You can stare all you want then.
Matter fact, I’ll even give you a fashion show.
Then you can really stare cause I’ll pop out more than your eyes can.
These bitches be staring at me like
they favor me or something.
I mean,
I’m not trying to steal your boyfriend or girlfriend.
But hey,
You never know if these bitches bi-sexual or straight.
I’m just minding my own business.
I look up there is a bitch staring at me.
I remember one person saying I hate light skins and we had an altercation on the bus.
Like, hate is a really strong word.
How would you feel if I said I hate dark skins?
You would’ve jumped out of your seat with hot water.
I mean, I am a human being just like you and yes I have feelings to.
Sometimes I be wanting to by some mace and just spray these bitches in the face.
They always staring.
I mean,
If you want to box we can.
I’m not running.
Like I said,
I’m still minding my business.
I can’t go one day with out a bitch staring at me.
Am I really that interesting?
If you want to hear a poem that’s about as interesting as its gone get about me.
See, I don’t do drama.
But, if you cross the line and say a smart comment under your breath like; for example “I hate light skins”
Than that’s a problem.
These bitches always staring.
Please stop cause this shit is aggravating.
One of my friends always say “Girl, let them bitches stare”
I just might do that but, at a certain point when they get smart.
It really is a problem.


2 thoughts on “Doing Too Much

  1. I go through the same EXACT thing daily. People are always staring at me and its very irritating! People thought I was making it up until they star noticing it themselves. So I feel you.
    I Really value your rawness and tranparency in this piece. Keepin it real is what’s it’s all about. You’re a talented writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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