I wish I can be with you.
Me being with you, would feel like Jay-Z and Beyonce because we are hustlers, and we are about our money.
We are about our goals and dreams, which would be finishing school.
We about that poetry life.
Us Knowing the same poets and connecting on so many different levels.
The difference between me and you is, you know your poems by heart and I am just reading from a screen.
A person like you would encourage me to get away from this screen.
I’m just scared to ask you to help me.
But, we have a message to bring to the table.
And I have yet to see you on stage since the showcase at kkc.
Let me hear you.
Hear you speak the words of a king.
You can be my king, but you playing like I am not ready to be your queen.
Flirting with these thots who has no interest in your heart.
I am ready to take your heart and make it pump.
Pumping like blood fluids that comes out of a machine at the doctors office.
Those thots will make your heart sink like the Titanic because they were not really there to put your heart back into pieces.
See me, I am still fantasizing on what it would be like to be with you.
As I walk through the doors secretly trying to ignore you, to see if you see the real me.
Than you call my name like, “Taris, girl don’t act like you don’t see me”
I been seeing you, every time you come to the school.
Everytime I see you in the front entrance of Navy Pier.
Ooopps, I might of gave out to much info. Now you gone know this about you.
But guess what, I don not care.
I still like you, yes.
Me and wassah name starts with a “C” did not really work out to well.
I remember the night when we was well won’t explain to much detail.
You had my heart beating and you thought I was scared.
I was just nervous being next to you and I did not want to give in to easy.
I pushed your hand back away from my belt, I knew where your hands were going.
As I’m letting this piece flow it’s about to have a little erotic symptoms in it.
So cover your ears if you are to young to listen.
I’m still fantasizing….
What could have happened that night?
If clothes were taking off and you were on top of me.
It would have easily slid inside me and you started to stroke.
How would it feel?
You kiss me on the lips and it turns me on and I am still fantasizing what it would like to be with you.
I keep my mouth close around you but, you really don’t know what I’m thinking.
Oh wait, now you do.
That is not all I want from you, I want love and affection.
I do not have to ask you to care about me because I know you already do by your actions.
I just want all and more of you.


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