Wearing Nike signs is not going to get you far like a brand that don’t even care about you.

Who are you trying to impress?

Let me guess, the same people that is trying to impress Facebook to get likes, like a nerd trying to impress the cool kid on the block that is not even all that cool.

Your eye brows look like a Nike sign that ain’t even making it cause all I see is jordans.

Your eye brows might be on fleek but it’s not on fleek because you weak like a copy catt.

Your eye brows not even real so that mean you not real.

Drawing them on like an artist sketching out his art work trying to figure out his next move.

Your eye brows looks like every one else’s trending but you not even a trending topic.

So stop it……

Stop going to the shop and asking them to use a pencil, you need an eraser to erase all the shading away.

We can’t even see your natural eyebrow hair, did you draw it on to much that the eraser wiped it away?

You took advantage of what God gave you, so he is going to show you what an eraser and a pencil can do.

Better be ready for some changes, you might have to sharpen up the fake you.

But, the inner you not even sharpened to help build confidence on the outer you.

This pencil that you are using can do some damage, but it can raise up your esteem because it’s not really you.

And in reality we know you got low self esteem because you trying to do what everyone else is doing and not being you.

Stop fooling your self because you not fooling the world.

The world sees right through you because you trapped in it like teenagers trapped in the best looking shoes.

What happened?

Tweezers were existing back in 1995 but I guess 2016 ain’t having it.

Everyone following this trend trying to build their brand up but, it is not looking good on you.

The Nike brand don’t even want you like the job application you applied to declined you.

They see right through you.


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