She is poetically outspoken.
She speaks her mind with words that will make you think.
Her mind is filled with creativity.
Creativity that brings you into a atmosphere of free expression.
No judgement over here.
Her voice is powerful but, in reality it is softly spoken.
So soft you have to ask her to “Speak Up” like your ears are death and broken.
Her voice is soft like a babies foot with lotion.
So soft, her voice makes you want to grab a microphone and say “speak now or forever hold your peace”
She is poetically outspoken.
Her words make you think like a professor forcing you to think critically.
Her voice brings laughter and honesty.
So much, laughter makes you think she is a comedian like Kevin Heart on CNN.
Her words are not spoken physically because her actions prove differently.
It is impossible like Kim Possible being unstoppable.
Her words are unstoppable like Bill Cosby stories going viral.
Her voice will make want to pay attention like Friday Detention.
So do not underestimate her by what you see.
Make sure you have a conversation with her clearly.
All she will tell you is
“She is poetically outspoken” with metaphors, rhythm and similes.


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