Where I’m from we don’t call our friends “Bitches and Hoes.”
Where I’m from we don’t go against our own skin tone.
Where I’m from we don’t stereotype everyone in our generation.
“That Suburban Girl” wear’s skirts and long sleeve shirts.
“That Suburban Girl” is lost in a city like Toto trying to find his way back home.
“That Suburban Girl” said it’s a culture shock from the suburbs to the city.
The city is so dirty like a new hotel that has not been clean.
The suburbs is so clean like a janitor with his cleaning tools.
This is such a culture shock like migrating from New York City to Alabama.
“That Suburban Girl” been scared to say where she comes from because her friends might judge her.
They might say you don’t know anything about the city, let me show you around.
“That Suburban Girl” is like a new girl coming to a different high school.
They look at you sideways like “Who the hell is she?”
“That suburban Girl” feels fear from the stuff she sees on the bus to the streets.
“That Suburban Girl” has city tendencies but, don’t really claim the city like how a young women does not claim a young boy.
“That Suburban Girl” feels left out like a orange with three apples on a table.
Yeah, see this “That Suburban girl” that everyone was making fun of back in “09”
Look at her now transforming from a suburban girl to city girl.
She talks like a city girl.
She acts like a city girl.
She will never forget where she came from.
She will always be “That Suburban Girl” from 41 N. Pine Lane in Glenwood.
“That Suburban Girl” is hiding inside her soul like that bad girl hiding inside a good girl body.
“That Suburban Girl” is not that different from these city girls especially when your daddy came from the projects.
Yeah that’s my daddy “Dj slugo” but, I grew up with my mom in the suburbs.
Where I’m from, we never had relationship goals.
We was just them “Suburban girls”
Where I’m from, we never had twerking videos and made it go viral.
Where I’m from we just knew how to 1, 2 step like Ciara.
Where I’m from, we just was them Suburban girls.
All you can do is accept us for not having those city girl tendencies when we first move to town.
If you can’t accept us, then you do not accept your self because you might be from the suburbs and just claim the city.
And I will be the bold enough to say it like now.


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