Technology has our minds equipped to much to becoming successful.
We have our heads down into a screen and can’t even hold a conversation.
Technology is the world that we live in.
A world full of robots.
Walking the same way, texting the same way, calling and talking on the phone the same way.
We even have the same colored headphones and the only conversations is “Where did you buy those from?”
We miss out on amazing opportunities just by looking down on our screen.
Our technology divides us in our relationships and friendships.
We are always looking down and never looking forward.
The only communication we really have is Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Messenger, and Email.
All of our conversations is based off of text messaging and phone calls.
When we get around a group of people all you see and hear is smiles and giggles.
You wonder why neither of our problems gets solved.
Technology has us thinking that’s our only lifestyle that we should be living in.
Technology is another way to destroy our mindsets like the devil destroying our lives.
Technology is a self-centered type of issue.
Technology can have our mind sets surrounded by negativity and we don’t even know it.
Technology might keep us informed but, it keeps us away from forming connections and building relations.
Technology has us believing unnecessary photos instead of getting facts.
Technology keeps us from speaking proper and asking questions.
Technology pulls us away from having patience and bringing us towards being impatient.
Technology is sucking out brains like a vampire sucking all the venom.
Technology is making us not liking people for no apparent reason.
Technology is actually making us become judgmental ass people based off of what we see.
Technology is making us become liars, manipulators and driving us nuts.
Technology is keeping us from expressing our selves.
The only time we feel to express is through the internet.
Technology is hurting our souls by having more trust issues that were not occurring before.
Technology is a world that we live in to get caught up in bull-crap.
Bull crappy ass mindsets that only agree to disagree.
Technology keeps us from living an unproductive lifestyle.


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