Judging others should not be on the menu.
How can you Non-christian believers not judge but, you Christians judge like crazy?
Do you even notice that you judge others who are not like you?
You fucking hypocrites kill me.
The LGBT community probably feels some type of way with you fuckers.
Now, I then went to like three or four churches and I been studying the life of a Christian.
I am bold enough to speak of it.
You lesbians are beautiful and don’t let anyone change who you are.
You bi-sexuals are not confused, you are just experiencing life and having fun.
You studs might have male tendencies with a vagina.
So what, it is someone out here for everyone.
I love studs, you guys are the shit.
You fems are sexy as hell.
You stems are sexy as hell.
You homosexuals are just hating on someone else love.
You just don’t love yourself.
How come same-sex couples can stay together for years but, you opposite couples get a divorce on the spot?
Transgenders don’t even care about what other people think but, you straight motherfuckers try to impress others who don’t even give a damn about your ass.
Same- sex couples love each other unconditionally with no problems.
Love is love and you can’t do anything about it.
You should be kind to others and if your religion causes you to hate others and judge them.
You are in the wrong religion.
Just be spiritual.
No hate is thrown your way constantly but, if you gay you got to fight for love.
How silly is that?
You guys get easily offended when you see rainbow colors flying around on Pride Day.
There are 7 words that we go by.
Equality and
We shine bright like diamonds.
We go through changes with our family members on a daily basis.
Legal or illegal.
Why hate?
Love is love.
Let us be free and let us come out the closet without being judged daily.
I’m a lesbian and I love females.
Get over it, I’m not scared to come out anymore.
Females are the most beautiful creatures on the planet.


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