Listen, take a risk at being in love again.
Do not let your past ruin your future because of ex’s who are now irrelevant.
Learn to forgive them even if they broke your heart to the core.
In a new relationship, learn to accept how the other person feels.
Relax your mind when you feel blood rushing through your veins.
Ease your thinking and stop assuming things that are not true.
Have happy thoughts every morning with your significant other.
Study your education with your significant other and communicate to them about your goals in life.
Stop playing games when you tell a person you love them.
Show them that you really love them.
Stop letting fear hold you back because of what your ex’s did.
Stop playing with others emotions.
We do not have time for that.
Prove to them that you want to take it serious.
Your craft is important especially when support is near you.
When it comes to real love, there should be no excuses.
The key is to prove it.
Have patience with whomever you are with.
Frustration can cause stress which can lead to bad breakups.
You should only have one goal and that is to marry the person you are with.
Take things serious and lightly.
Have a calming attitude and express yourself to let them know you care.
Stop hopping from one person to the next.
Be faithful or stay single.
Communicate or shut up and stop complaining.
Lying is not accepted.
Be truthful to your self and them.
Listen, take a risk at being in love again.


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