People might say I’m immature like a teenager mindset.
When really my mindset is just like an adult, they just underestimate me by my looks and personality.
My looks has nothing to do with my maturity.
I can look 10 and act 25 years old.
I can look 25 and act 50 years old.
My soul can tell you other wise if you just pay attention.
Don’t get fooled by my goofy ways.
Don’t get fooled by my suburban ways.
You judging me and barely know me.
Hang around me for a couple days, will have you thinking you know my whole life story.
You only know bits and pieces.
I’m like an onion, hard to peal but will make your eyes burn with fire.
I’m like a ticking bomb.
Tick, Tick, Tick, (Boom)!!
When people say I’m always red like an apple.
They be like you are always red.
Or be asking me why am I always red?
I be like “IDK” and be lying like a journalist would to twist up the story real quick.
It’s just built up emotions firing up like my mind is ready to explode.
People be making me want to have my anger issues come out like squares.
It’s hard to hide and kill because it’s always gone be there when people test me.
Before I snap. I hurry up put my feelings in and let my pen leak.
My pen be leaking like hidden tears on plastic.
People always asking me questions like;
“Are you okay?”
“You good?”
“What’s wrong with you girl?”
I be like nothing and cover that shit up real quick.
You want to know my life story “You better read my poetry, it will tell you everything.”
A bitch  will never see me cry.
I ain’t never that weak.
You might think I have a weak mindset, when really you just weak all over.
Being loud and obnoxious to cover up your problems.
Trying to help everyone else when you need help your own damn self.
See this pen in my hand will leak the truth without me telling you.
My mouth don’t got to open up and say nothing.
My silence will tell you everything like a babies cry.
Don’t test me bitch, I will pop you open like a can opener.

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