A minor setback is only setting you up for a major comeback.
Sometimes we tend to let our setbacks destroy our lives.
More than likely our future.
We let our past hurts, past relationships, past friendships and most importantly, past mistakes hinder us.
They start to become “barriers” and those barriers that we carry leads us to low self esteem.
Those barriers makes us angry.
Those barriers makes us depressed.
When it comes to our goals, it makes us give up on them to.
“Barriers” makes us go insane and we don’t even realize it.
We can let other people down us because of our past.
We can let words of others drown our happiness.
Our peace goes downhill because we are so worried about what others are going to say.
We get paranoid and we end up having anxiety attacks.
We get nervous really quick.
Our skin starts to turn warm blooded.
Purple and green veins start to show on the regular basis.
We start to stutter in between our conversations with others.
A minor setback is setting you up for a major come back.
Our setbacks are not our final destination.
Sometimes those setbacks are only a test to see how far we will go.
Will you stop chasing your dreams because of one line that hurt your feelings?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because of 2 toxic relationships?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because you got pregnant twice?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because you dropped out of school?
Will you stop chasing after your dreams because of finances?
What is your next best move?
Think before you give up.
Ain’t nothing worth giving up your peace and happiness.
You better keep it and surround yourself with others who wants the best for you.
You got a major comeback coming towards your way.
Get up and do what you normally do.
work…work….work……and play later.
You never know who you are inspiring and who is watching you.
You might be small in others eyes but, in one person eyes you are way much larger.
Do not think lower of your self.
Your hair might just be an inspiration.
You got one coming.
Live your life and live in peace.


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