Chicago or Chiraq?
No Chicago?
No wait, its originally called “Chi-Town”
The finest land of Entertainment.
We are known for “Chi-Town”
So, dont try to change it.
The old Chicago was exciting for everyone, it wasn’t all these unnecessary commodity.
All the babies and pre-teens were outside with no problem.
Walking down the street tryna find the nearest candy store.
You know what candy store I’m talking about.
The candy store on the corner where Uncle Ronnie and Granny Chi-Chi used to sell them Hot Flamins with Cheese and meat.
The bags were only 25 cents each when a bunch of us trying to go to the beach.
Uncle Ronnie and Granny Chi-Chi had them 50 cents ice’s.
The blue, the pink, the green, and the purple ones.
Everybody and they momma out on the porch kick’n it old school.
Music blasting outside those loud radio speakers.
Hopscotch and Double Dutch was our way of fun instead of using our cell phones.
Pagers were the new thing.
Not these Broke down I-Phones where you hear a “Ding” every 5 seconds.
Females these days out here getting reckless.
Doing more twerking than the 1, 2 step.
No type of home-training but, back then everyone was watched over.
These males bending backwards over a female with no morals or values.
No more handshaking but, back then we had to meet each others mommas.
We had 3 way phone calling not this screenshot and put them on blast.
We had respect and not ignorance.
“Chi-Raq” is only known for killing and popping bullets for no reason.
That ain’t the chi.
Gangs formulating and dont know a thing about GD’s nor BD’s.
All they know about is West Side verses East Side.
All they know about is “Hits Blunts” and smoke that Reggie.
Mommas and Daddies had to pick up report cards not if you 18 or older.
Back then, music had a meaning it was never called “Trap Music”..
Or exscuse if I’m mistaken.
Old School vs. New School or is it more like The Older Generation verses The Younger Generation.
Chicago or Chiraq?
No, Chicago known as “The Windy City”..
We are not the highest city for crime rates.
We are just simply Chicago.


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