I Know how you are” an unknown artist said.
You are the type to act like someone’s friend and then team up with someone you do not like.
To get back at a person you used to be friends with.
You both talk about each other just like how you down yourself.
You down your self everyday.
Talking about “I’m finna die” like, who says that?
or saying something like “It’s all bad”…
When really nothing is wrong with your life at all.
You complain all day instead of having positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts=positive results.
The way you do things is so negative.
Sometimes you need to take a week or two and re-evaluate how you do things around here.
You want someone to feel sorry for you, when they don’t have to.
Sometimes you just need to wake up and turn up to some Old Nicki Minaj, or some lud foe and shut up.
Dance your way out that door and say “Hola” or “Buenos Dias”…..
You better own that day like it was made for you.
You sit around and wonder why others don’t want to be around you anymore.
You used to be trust worthy but now you are not worth it.
You used to be the go to person for every thing.
Now we try to run away from you.
We can’t even see a smile on yourself.
Can you just try to smile?
You better get yo life together before God re-evaluate it for you.
“It ain’t all that bad.”
You have a purpose, why you think you woke up this morning?
You ain’t fooling nobody.
“I know how you are” an unknown artist said.”


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