People flex’n in clothes.
See me, I flex on my education.
Flex’n on that Nike shit like they irrelevant.
9.6 That is a big ass shoe having ass.
Sitting around and talk about people like they matter.
Who sits around and talk about people while they on house arrest?
Celebrating failure, can’t even go nowhere.
Mfs stealing people food thinking it’s sweet and cool.
Always calling Jesus when they doing wrong.
You must be fooling yourself.
These people just stand in a circle and smoke weed.
While others make moves and they complain about bull.
Always asking where the hoes at while they aren’t getting pussy at all.
Always asking worrying about the wrong.
Worrying if other people moving out when they aren’t even saving.
They be talking about turning up every day of the week.
Playing the game talking about they on level 45.
Ain’t even reach job one yet.
While others are being calm and mellow.
Getting mad when you don’t talk to them cause they miserable as fuck.
You give them a look or laugh and they automatically get offended.
Who does that?
Hating on others because they can’t do what you do.
They think favoritism is shown when it’s really favor being shown.
Silence is best when childish games are shown.
These people always talking about others relationships when they can’t even keep one of they own.
They mad because you don’t engage in clown shit activities.
Misery loves company, so they need others to fulfill their depression.
Laughing so loud that they need attention.
When really nothing is actually funny.
They think that out whole lives is surrounded in Belfort.
No Not Really, others got a whole life outside of Belfort.
Taking pictures and put them on Snap-Chat.
Snap-chat is not their life and they really aren’t got no life.
They only talk when you doing better than them.
You start separating yourself from the fakery and they get angry.
So, now you are an outsider because you don’t mess with them.
Yet, they still talking while you on bigger and better things.
Complaining about not having bowls, cups and silverware.
Ungrateful ass kids, thinking they own shit when they really don’t own not one thing.
They don’t even know someone writing about they goofy asses.
Trying to be my friend when I really don’t have time.
Trying to stay humble, now get The Fuck on Bitches.


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