​I accidentally fell in love with another poet. 

His whole vibe is so intense, it makes me wonder. 

Wonder, what would happen if we spent the whole day together?

He knows how to treat a lady and not treat them like a Toy. 

He is the type to take you on dates and not take your clothes off the minute he gets a chance to.

He opens car doors, walk you to your house at night. 

He makes sure you are alright. 

He waits for you to get in the house. 

Pays for dates and sometimes goes half. 

Supports you and praises you like you are his lady. 

Who ever his momma is, he represents her well. 

He talks to you with respect. 

I wouldn’t say that he is cocky but, his confidence level is most definitely on 10. 

I love that. 

He offerers food and drinks. 

He is the man that every female could dream of. 

When it comes to his craft, he takes everything serious. 

He is not out here in these streets like these other guys. 

He doesn’t sag his pants. 

He wears dress shirts and shoes. 

He reminds me of a cave man by his facial appearance. 

Hair all over his face. 

Twists coming from the roots of his hair. 

He is a Natural Born King. 

This man I am talking about, I actually got to kiss him. 

This is what made me accidentally fall in love with another poet. 

Would I say his name, no I would not. 

I will let God reveal him when the time is right. 

I am honestly scared to mention his name. 

His feelings might not be mutual. 

Am I doubting myself?

Just a little. 

Don’t want to give my hopes up for something that seems so real. 

Ladies, you know what I mean. 

I am getting to know him more through his poetry. 

He has that male dominance that every female needs. 

If he says you are going, that means you are going. 

Some of his poems are sexually intense. 

He probably thinks I don’t read them but, I secretly do.

I miss him so, I write a poem about it to get out of my feelings. 

He is a busy man. 

So, I kind of don’t want to bug him.

We as Women tend to come off as annoying at times. 

I am just staying humble and letting God take the will. 

The universe knows what is right, until we meet again. 

What is meant to be will always find its way back. 

You meet the wrong people to find the right one. 



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