Her name is wife. 
Her name is not bitch, hoe, scrub or any of those slang words. 

Her name is wife. 

She will grow into being a wife that God created her to be. 

Her single life gave her some leeway to have fun and enjoy. 

Her single life did not give her an excuse to be a garden tool. 

It was for her to learn more about her self. 

It was for her to get some peace of mind that we all need. 

You can not comfort her by acting like you do not need her. 

She knows how to cook, clean, pray, speak intelligently, and clean up her attitude when the time is right. 

Her job is to become a wife. 

Not to become a prostitute. 

The one who sells her vagina for money. 

The one who sells her looks to get what she wants. 

Her name is wife. 

She prays for her husband when she feels he is in trouble. 

She knows how to be a wife. 

She writes about it all day in her notebooks. 

She knows good food when she tastes it. 

She tries everything once. 

If she does not like it, she will speak her mind. 

You can not force her to do anything because she has a mind of her own.

She is Goddess waiting on her God. 

The one who watches over her as she sleeps at night. 

The one who just stares in her eyes because they are dark brown. 

Once he realizes who she is, he will bow down and propose to her. 

A marriage ready to open up. 

A marriage ready to show our generation that it is possible to be committed. 

A ring will be given that doesn’t have plenty of carrots. 

A purple ring would be nice.

Purple means royalty and most people don’t know what that means. 

Her name is wife, do not compare her to these other rats. 

Rats get fat because they have nobody and are selfish. 

They eat up food that aren’t even theirs. 

Her name is wife. 

Look in the crowd with your eyes wide open. 

You might just miss your wife by being to blind to the scene. 

The scene of wants and not needs. 


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