​This is the time to be free from you. 

Free from the strongholds. 

Free from negativity. 

Free from the devil that is within you. 

You’ve been having me held hostage in your little nest. 

Your nest is filled with dirt every where. 

It will never get cleaned until you surrender.

You are wicked. 

Your nails are dirty. 

Teeth are yellow. 

House is so unclean. 

Your body has a certain smell. 

Yet, someone wants to be with you and you treat them as if they are unclean. 

How dare you treat someone like a piece of you? 


You are not dealing with a bank. 

You are dealing with a human being. 

You are not dealing with a sex machine, nor prostitute. 

You are dealing with a women. 

You are not dealing with your ex. 

You are dealing with someone new. 

2k is not what life is all about. 

You have your priorities all messed up. 

Yet, a kindhearted women puts up with you. 

She wanted to see if you would change. 

She is free from you. 

You tried to take her soul but, she let yours go back to the Devil. 

A person who claims they care but, only cared for the sex that was being received. 

You filthy, you. 

Having this beautiful women thinking all Men are all the same. 

When really it is you who is being the fool. 

You should be ashamed. 

You stink.

Who would ever want to conceive with you? 

You are just not right in the head. 

I know your mother taught you better than this. 

Everyone has been hurt but, that is not an excuse to be dirty. 

I will not wait for you. 

Time for me to work on me. 

I want to release all the dirtiness I received from you. 

Release from me. 

Release from me. 

Release from me. 

You are wicked and should be ashamed. 

I shouldn’t have started this with you. 


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