Hello readers. Thanks for stopping by to get a taste for some poetry. My name is Taris like Paris but, with a T and I go by the name of God’s Poetic Child. God’s Poetic Child is my stage name. I write poetry because that’s the only way I can express my self and tell others what I’m thinking and feeling. I also write poetry to relate to others and encourage them in every situation possible. So, if you are going through something, I have a poem for you. Stop by my blog more often and you will always be encouraged. Make sure you share this blog with a friend!


25 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Taris,

    Nice blog, keep writing!

    You had asked for feedback:

    As much as possible, add an image to your post whatever it may be, it helps draw the eye and keep attention.

    Instead of posting YouTube URLs, post Iframe code instead…this way the video can be played right from your site and it provides a picture.

    Add a little more stuff to your blog! A favorite picture, a song etc….look around at other blogs and see what others have done for ideas and pick things you like. 🙂

    Good writing is important, but 1st glance at your site is also important.

    If you want to do the Iframe code for video but don’t know how…you can visit my WordPress teaching site and find the video that shows you how.


    God bless you Taris


    1. Thank you so much for that advice and feedback! I really appreciate that. I will try some different things on my blog like you said. I’m thinking about turning my blog into a book. How does that sound? I will try the Iframe code for video. When I have time I will do that. I really appreciate this. Don’t be a stranger and keep reading as well as I will keep writing. May God Bless you too. 🙂


  2. Taris,

    It was such the pleasure to meet you a few weeks ago! Still lovin’ the biz cards 🙂

    Its clear you have so much to offer in both the spoken and written conversation and wonder if you believe that is coming through here on your blog?

    I am inwardly feeling a little awkward in giving you format feedback, as I believe there is no rule an artist must follow when forming their presentations, so if you will accept a few thoughts that crossed my mind while reading through your content…

    Blue on blue is tough on text, especially when you are presenting a viewing with a link as the reason for the blue showing up. I have noticed over the years that more often than not, sticking with a white background for my actual text and then changing the color of the text where I saw fit was my best palette of color scheme options.

    Also, the grey you use inside of the black background blurs a little more than if you had chosen white, which “cuts through” the otherwise darkness of this section.

    I took a look at the theme you chose and although it is a free design, there may be enough freedom to customize the colors so you don’t loose your hyperlinks to the background or your overall messaging.

    If you go to “appearance” on your dashboard and then “Customize,” you should be able to see what you can and cannot change with this template…?

    Overall, you are ahead of the writers curve as you appear to be a steady content contributor. Nice job!

    Until the next time we meet…


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    1. Thankyou for checking out my blog. Your comment was awesome and I will take a look into changing my theme I was just rying something new for a while. I’ll try a different color today. The themes are what I sometimes have a problem with. thank you so much. 🙂


      1. Presentation of content one has created can frequently be a long list of questions worse than if someone was planning a birthday party for 500 guests in less than two weeks. 🙂

        You know how to find me if you want/need to talk about it.

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