People flex’n in clothes.
See me, I flex on my education.
Flex’n on that Nike shit like they irrelevant.
9.6 That is a big ass shoe having ass.
Sitting around and talk about people like they matter.
Who sits around and talk about people while they on house arrest?
Celebrating failure, can’t even go nowhere.
Mfs stealing people food thinking it’s sweet and cool.
Always calling Jesus when they doing wrong.
You must be fooling yourself.
These people just stand in a circle and smoke weed.
While others make moves and they complain about bull.
Always asking where the hoes at while they aren’t getting pussy at all.
Always asking worrying about the wrong.
Worrying if other people moving out when they aren’t even saving.
They be talking about turning up every day of the week.
Playing the game talking about they on level 45.
Ain’t even reach job one yet.
While others are being calm and mellow.
Getting mad when you don’t talk to them cause they miserable as fuck.
You give them a look or laugh and they automatically get offended.
Who does that?
Hating on others because they can’t do what you do.
They think favoritism is shown when it’s really favor being shown.
Silence is best when childish games are shown.
These people always talking about others relationships when they can’t even keep one of they own.
They mad because you don’t engage in clown shit activities.
Misery loves company, so they need others to fulfill their depression.
Laughing so loud that they need attention.
When really nothing is actually funny.
They think that out whole lives is surrounded in Belfort.
No Not Really, others got a whole life outside of Belfort.
Taking pictures and put them on Snap-Chat.
Snap-chat is not their life and they really aren’t got no life.
They only talk when you doing better than them.
You start separating yourself from the fakery and they get angry.
So, now you are an outsider because you don’t mess with them.
Yet, they still talking while you on bigger and better things.
Complaining about not having bowls, cups and silverware.
Ungrateful ass kids, thinking they own shit when they really don’t own not one thing.
They don’t even know someone writing about they goofy asses.
Trying to be my friend when I really don’t have time.
Trying to stay humble, now get The Fuck on Bitches.

My mind is in deep thought.
My mind keep whispering to my heart that I am a crack poet.
I smoke that spoken word like two blunts of weed.
I’m so high off words they are taking control of the ink that leaks out of my pen.
My ink is leaking words that I speak silently.
They were just hiding in a little bubble screaming pop me open.
My words are suffocating.
Trying to breath out on others who needs them the most.
They can’t handle the suffering any more.
I am a crack poet, my smoke comes out black.
my words comes off strong, they want to treat the people who did me wrong.
My closet is full of jumbled up sentences and phrases with quotation marks.
Quotes by myself making my head spinning like a Ferris wheel.
I am a crack poet, with poems that smell like purple kush.
Puff, puff, puff pass the pen to the next poet.
Now we got a cipher going on.
My mind is in deep thought.
I am a crack poet, I am high off words that might not make since to slow people.
They can’t comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth.
It is like my words comes out as a different language.
I only speak English and these people look to me as if I’m speaking Japanese.
When my paper gets wet it is like having a fat wet blunt.
I might as well smoke my pen 30 times a day.
My eyes be drowsy when I look at paper.
I be having the munchies when I take a writing session.
A writing session feels like a studio session.
Having music in my ears.
Bobbing my head to the beat.
I’m just in the zone.
Feeling me.!

Your life should be a vacation not a waste station.
Wasting your life with individuals who waste their breath on unnecessary shit.
Bitching about everything they can’t fix.
Like being unable to have a positive day.
Trying so hard to ruin another person’s day.
Always ruining shit because they so used to their miserable ways.
complaining about how life is hard and barking about their mistakes.
Mistakes don’t always control the way you perfect things.
Your perfection won’t always be perfect.
It might slip but, you need to dip before depression creep up on your happy ways.
Being nosy ain’t always gone tell you what you need to know.
It will always put you in some mess and make you look real messy.
Drama can cause trauma.
Being traumatized by foolishness while mesmerized by fairy-tail and happy endings.
In life we go through things but, that doesn’t mean be mean.
Your face expressions tells it all, little do you know we don’t always know what you’re thinking.
We might not know everything but, your actions tells us mostly everything.
You need to know that what you say follows through with you through thick and thin.
Others remember what you say rather than what you do.
Others might down you but, you got to learn when to pick your self back up.
The people who be in your face really be two-faced.
Thinking life is a competition when you’re signing your life to a petition.
Competing ain’t always healthy, you just need to focus on being wealthy.
Wealthy can be healthy but if you are lazy you can end up filthy.
You can end up with anxiety attacks if you don’t stay calm in a calming setting.
Being weird can cause problems towards people who don’t want to be their selves.
Being their selves ain’t really a problem it’s just they want to be someone else.
Laughing eases pain while crying makes pain worse than what it is.
You say that life is killing you when food ain’t even filling you.
Filling you up to your full potential needs.
Your needs are more important than your wants.
Your wants can put you in jeopardy and make you forget about your priorities.
Having feelings can leave you with less self-love while you loving others who barely wants to see their self on camera or in the mirror.
Vacation your life with more self love instead of self hate.

I Know how you are” an unknown artist said.
You are the type to act like someone’s friend and then team up with someone you do not like.
To get back at a person you used to be friends with.
You both talk about each other just like how you down yourself.
You down your self everyday.
Talking about “I’m finna die” like, who says that?
or saying something like “It’s all bad”…
When really nothing is wrong with your life at all.
You complain all day instead of having positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts=positive results.
The way you do things is so negative.
Sometimes you need to take a week or two and re-evaluate how you do things around here.
You want someone to feel sorry for you, when they don’t have to.
Sometimes you just need to wake up and turn up to some Old Nicki Minaj, or some lud foe and shut up.
Dance your way out that door and say “Hola” or “Buenos Dias”…..
You better own that day like it was made for you.
You sit around and wonder why others don’t want to be around you anymore.
You used to be trust worthy but now you are not worth it.
You used to be the go to person for every thing.
Now we try to run away from you.
We can’t even see a smile on yourself.
Can you just try to smile?
You better get yo life together before God re-evaluate it for you.
“It ain’t all that bad.”
You have a purpose, why you think you woke up this morning?
You ain’t fooling nobody.
“I know how you are” an unknown artist said.”

It is always that one female who is trying to mess up your relationship.
Well, because their relationship is not in good shape.
When they see someone else happy they will try everything to make their relationship go downhill.
They will try to get all the attention in the room.
Their irritating ass voice will get so loud to the point they start to sounding like a 4 year old.
Bitches like this really disgust me.
They will try to take what is already yours.
They will try to make you angry.
They will try to upset you.
They will do everything in their power to get you to your breaking point.
They will get all up in your face which will make you want to beat the shit out of them.
They will do things like “Touching all over your man.”
They will be friends with you in the beginning, get all of your business and spread it all over the house.
They will tell every one in the house that they like your man” just to fuck with you.
When your man has no type of attraction to that miserable ass bitch
Miserable ass bitches urge the fuck out of me.
I can’t fucking stand them.
They are so damn nosy.
These type of females hold a lot of drama and bullshit.
Miserable ass bitches urge me.
They urge my damn nerves.
They want everything that I got.
Their presence really ticks me off.
Walking around trying to get someone else attention that has no type of interest in them.
Miserable ass bitches needs to back off my man.
I’m tired of other females for real.
Now, I am a nice person but, I am not about to be nice anymore.
They are really tempting the fuck out of me.

Chicago or Chiraq?
No Chicago?
No wait, its originally called “Chi-Town”
The finest land of Entertainment.
We are known for “Chi-Town”
So, dont try to change it.
The old Chicago was exciting for everyone, it wasn’t all these unnecessary commodity.
All the babies and pre-teens were outside with no problem.
Walking down the street tryna find the nearest candy store.
You know what candy store I’m talking about.
The candy store on the corner where Uncle Ronnie and Granny Chi-Chi used to sell them Hot Flamins with Cheese and meat.
The bags were only 25 cents each when a bunch of us trying to go to the beach.
Uncle Ronnie and Granny Chi-Chi had them 50 cents ice’s.
The blue, the pink, the green, and the purple ones.
Everybody and they momma out on the porch kick’n it old school.
Music blasting outside those loud radio speakers.
Hopscotch and Double Dutch was our way of fun instead of using our cell phones.
Pagers were the new thing.
Not these Broke down I-Phones where you hear a “Ding” every 5 seconds.
Females these days out here getting reckless.
Doing more twerking than the 1, 2 step.
No type of home-training but, back then everyone was watched over.
These males bending backwards over a female with no morals or values.
No more handshaking but, back then we had to meet each others mommas.
We had 3 way phone calling not this screenshot and put them on blast.
We had respect and not ignorance.
“Chi-Raq” is only known for killing and popping bullets for no reason.
That ain’t the chi.
Gangs formulating and dont know a thing about GD’s nor BD’s.
All they know about is West Side verses East Side.
All they know about is “Hits Blunts” and smoke that Reggie.
Mommas and Daddies had to pick up report cards not if you 18 or older.
Back then, music had a meaning it was never called “Trap Music”..
Or exscuse if I’m mistaken.
Old School vs. New School or is it more like The Older Generation verses The Younger Generation.
Chicago or Chiraq?
No, Chicago known as “The Windy City”..
We are not the highest city for crime rates.
We are just simply Chicago.

A minor setback is only setting you up for a major comeback.
Sometimes we tend to let our setbacks destroy our lives.
More than likely our future.
We let our past hurts, past relationships, past friendships and most importantly, past mistakes hinder us.
They start to become “barriers” and those barriers that we carry leads us to low self esteem.
Those barriers makes us angry.
Those barriers makes us depressed.
When it comes to our goals, it makes us give up on them to.
“Barriers” makes us go insane and we don’t even realize it.
We can let other people down us because of our past.
We can let words of others drown our happiness.
Our peace goes downhill because we are so worried about what others are going to say.
We get paranoid and we end up having anxiety attacks.
We get nervous really quick.
Our skin starts to turn warm blooded.
Purple and green veins start to show on the regular basis.
We start to stutter in between our conversations with others.
A minor setback is setting you up for a major come back.
Our setbacks are not our final destination.
Sometimes those setbacks are only a test to see how far we will go.
Will you stop chasing your dreams because of one line that hurt your feelings?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because of 2 toxic relationships?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because you got pregnant twice?
Will you stop chasing your dreams because you dropped out of school?
Will you stop chasing after your dreams because of finances?
What is your next best move?
Think before you give up.
Ain’t nothing worth giving up your peace and happiness.
You better keep it and surround yourself with others who wants the best for you.
You got a major comeback coming towards your way.
Get up and do what you normally do.
work…work….work……and play later.
You never know who you are inspiring and who is watching you.
You might be small in others eyes but, in one person eyes you are way much larger.
Do not think lower of your self.
Your hair might just be an inspiration.
You got one coming.
Live your life and live in peace.

It’s Okay to be light skin.
Don’t let this media fool you with its darkness.
It’s okay to be light skin.
Don’t let envy of others bring you down to the point you are not comfortable in your own skin.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You better love who you are.
It’s okay to be light skin with curly and nappy hair.

It’s okay to be light skin.
With your thick hips and nice long legs.
It’s okay to be light skin.
With nice sized tits and lips.
It’s okay to be light skin and still label your self as Black/African American.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You don’t have to be wishing that you were dark skin.
It’s okay to be light skin.

You can have manners with a little hood in you too.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You can still be light and beautiful.
You can still be an awesome cook and be an awesome wife.
Don’t let this media fool you with it’s darkness.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You can still dress professional with a little “sexy” mixed in it too.
It’s okay to be light skin.

Don’t let this media fool you with it’s darkness.
Don’t let this media fool you with it’s stereotypes.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You can still graduate from college with your masters and earn a PHD.
It’s okay to be light skin.
Don’t let this media fool you and tell you that light skin ain’t beautiful.
Light or dark, we still “African American”….
Don’t let this media have you crying and thinking lower of your self.

Haters are the only ones who make you feel this way.
You can still be light skin and stand out.
Let them hate but don’t let them bring you down.
Let them be your motivators.
It’s okay to be light skin.
So what if they say you white.
Embrace it, own it, buy your self a crown and work it.
It’s okay to be light skin with a smile on your face.

Stop looking so mean.
Be an inspiration to your peers and not a down fall.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You are bright, intelligent and smart.
It’s okay to be light skin.
You are not a harlot, you know what you do so don’t let this media fool you.
Like Eminem said “Be Proud Of You Are”….
You are a Queen, step up to thrown and own it.

People might say I’m immature like a teenager mindset.
When really my mindset is just like an adult, they just underestimate me by my looks and personality.
My looks has nothing to do with my maturity.
I can look 10 and act 25 years old.
I can look 25 and act 50 years old.
My soul can tell you other wise if you just pay attention.
Don’t get fooled by my goofy ways.
Don’t get fooled by my suburban ways.
You judging me and barely know me.
Hang around me for a couple days, will have you thinking you know my whole life story.
You only know bits and pieces.
I’m like an onion, hard to peal but will make your eyes burn with fire.
I’m like a ticking bomb.
Tick, Tick, Tick, (Boom)!!
When people say I’m always red like an apple.
They be like you are always red.
Or be asking me why am I always red?
I be like “IDK” and be lying like a journalist would to twist up the story real quick.
It’s just built up emotions firing up like my mind is ready to explode.
People be making me want to have my anger issues come out like squares.
It’s hard to hide and kill because it’s always gone be there when people test me.
Before I snap. I hurry up put my feelings in and let my pen leak.
My pen be leaking like hidden tears on plastic.
People always asking me questions like;
“Are you okay?”
“You good?”
“What’s wrong with you girl?”
I be like nothing and cover that shit up real quick.
You want to know my life story “You better read my poetry, it will tell you everything.”
A bitch  will never see me cry.
I ain’t never that weak.
You might think I have a weak mindset, when really you just weak all over.
Being loud and obnoxious to cover up your problems.
Trying to help everyone else when you need help your own damn self.
See this pen in my hand will leak the truth without me telling you.
My mouth don’t got to open up and say nothing.
My silence will tell you everything like a babies cry.
Don’t test me bitch, I will pop you open like a can opener.

Love can be complicated when trust is not involved.
Hate can have the tables turning quick like a mixer.
The mixer can get complicated to move when babies start to form in bellies.
Confessions start popping up when baby mommas and baby daddies are in the picture frame.
The battlefield of the exes can cause love music to be the number one hit.
Closed mouths don’t get fed when expression and communication is leaving the relationship.
The word trying will always be in the conversation when they say “not trying hard enough”.
Attention spans start to get low when impatient energy is running high in your blood stream.
“Giving up” becomes the main two words when silence fills the air.
Love music is the only thing that really express how we really feel.
When we hear spoken word, we shout “Yasssssssssssss!”
Everything the poet is saying is explaining how we feel from head to toe.
When the poet says something that hits the “mindset” we “so called have”,
We scream rewind over and over until they do a repeat.
Words don’t even mean anything to the other person anymore.
The word “Change” becomes a threat.
And if you don’t change that is your last chance.
Text messaging becomes the new form of communicating.
Poetry is the only language that you know.
The other person says that texting is the only way you both are communicating.
When you both try face to face communication, no one says anything like two kids playing hide and seek.
Ready or not, here I come “Who’s turn is it to speak?”
They feel like you are treating them like shit, when you are just trying to recover from heartbreaks you were receiving from the past.
Trying is the key to having the best relationship goals.
But, what if you are trying and it’s not good enough?
Emotions start running higher than the sky to the point you wish things were back to the way they used to be.
Sexual attention starts to become the way to cope anger in a relationship.
Arguments won’t stop until that attention starts to appear.