​You four are disgusting. 

Making our generation look worse than what it is. 

Kidnapping a disabled human being who was “Your Friend”. 

How could you? 

Always making live videos for attention. 

You thought this one was going to bring fame. 

It actually brought you hate. 

You are just as bad as the “Trump” supporters. 

You are starting to act like one of the rednecks. 

Talking about “Gang shit”…

You might as well be apart of the KKK. 

Kidnapping white folks who done nothing wrong to you. 

That is exactly what the Ku Klux Klan does to black folks. 

Your face is all over the news paper. 

As soon as they drop a paper, I see you. 

Just like Trump. 

You four bring danger to good people. 

He did nothing wrong but, speak his opinions. 

This is not Trump fault, you all brought this upon your self. 

Just like how you all speak your opinions on a live video. 

Constantly telling others to listen to your music on SoundCloud. 

Can’t even talk properly. 

Smoking around your kids. 

You all look high as a kite. 

Bet, you won’t smoke another blunt in your life. 

Bet, you wont get drunk another day in your life. 

You about skinny as a toothpick and your friend is too. 

It is not only white people who are mad at you, it is black people to. 

You all make me sick.

This is why I choose my friends wisely. 

I barely have one that I hang around constantly. 

You all deserve life in prison. 

Matter fact, you four need to rot and crush like rocks. 

Four gang members brings danger. 

No matter what color you are. 

Your surroundings matter. 

If you are under bad influence they will easily persuade you.   


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