These artists are copy cats.
Copying each other like a bitch made copier machine.
They see the next and expect to be the greatest.
The greatest are the realest and not the darkest ready to be seen.
The darkest only exceed because they know how to lie.
Lying under a deceitful tongue.
When you become truthful with your self everything comes into place.
Your place of peace and happiness.
Man, some of these artists is whack.
Whack like Brussels sprouts.
Once I start dissing, everyone gone go crazy like woes.
Some of these artists can’t even write a full-blown sentence.
Front’n they move in music videos like they wrote it all.
You think we don’t know the truth?
Having ghost writers hiding in the cut.
Learn to write before you speak foolishness.
Once they cut that auto tone off, it is a whole mess.
Everyone ain’t meant to be a rapper nor a poet.
Don’t even know that a metaphor is without “like” or “as”.
Don’t even know that a simile is comparing two things together.
Don’t even have one verb to connect the piece together.
Man, you all need to go back to English class.
You all need to learn some new material.
You don’t even know that “do not” sounds way better than “don’t…”
Always trying to add more to your craft when it sounds good just the way it is.
Front’n your move for your fans who don’t really love you.
They only love what you bring to the table.
& what you bring to the table is not really yourself it is someone else to fit the press.
Your fans do not know the real you.
So you fall into the trap of thinking they do.
You like them screaming your name so you can have more energy.
Yo whack ass need to find some self love.
This industry don’t love you.
They love the idea of you like how others love the idea of love.
But, can’t really find love.
So, they search for love in all the wrong places like clubs.

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