His playfulness brings laughter. 
His roughness turns me on. 

Makes Pandora turns to Pretty Ricky on accident. 

Those car rides we go on makes me think of what could be. 

Sex in the car. 

Sex in the kitchen. 

The kinky shit. 

Grab’n on his booty like its all mine. 

Listen’n to Keith Sweat while its hot and sticky. 

Sweat coming down his shirt.

But, I kinda did all the work. 

Play fighting like kids for the toys. 

Grown up toys. 

He so horny and anxious for those juices to come out his dick. 

My pussy squirt’n out like water from water holes. 

Grab’n on his dick I just want to jag the shit out of it. 

My mouth might touch the tip. 

With a little bit of licks. 

With my tongue swirling around it. 

Hop on top, he might come faster than I think. 

Our sexual chemistry is hot. 

More positions could come into play. 

I mean, 

We just getting started. 

Getting comfortable with each other is now in effect. 

Rubbing on his ear like I got this shit. 

My pussy got him in control. 

Asking me when my next off day is. 

He might just get attached to it. 

I am already in love with this sex shit. 

I think about what else I could to him. 

To maybe surprise in a way that he’ll never let me go. 

Being myself I guess. 

This little kid role I put on it’s about to go. 

My feelings are attached like an adult. 

I get quiet and move passed it. 

We spend so much time like an actual couple. 

I guess that is how you build shit. 

Taking it day by day to see if you with the shits. 

Our communication hasn’t gotten their yet. 

I actually might be feeling this dude. 

He got me whipped like whipped cream on ice cream. 

I never want to leave him the day I see him. 

I spend a night just to fall asleep with him. 

Cuddling to take stress off a rough day. 

He gives me that act right. 

Moaning his name like I got no sense. 

Knowing the people next door can hear me. 

I don’t give a shit.

He inspired me to write this. 

I told him I only try everything once. 

He sucks nipples like a fresh starter.

I am just waiting on him to suck the life out my neck. 

Hickies, yeah I love that. 

When he marks his lips on me. 

He won me all over. 

He licked the cooch once and it actually felt good…..

I’m just waiting on him to give me booty rubs and massages. 

Our sex is part-time might as well make the best of it. 

I wish I can just pull his lips closer to mins and do a little French kissing.

Have a little Trey Songs in the background. 

Get freaky with it. 

You know how it is.

Well, I am done with this erotic shit.

Time for me to get back on venting shit.. 


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