​Hey you. 

Yeah you.

Stop over thinking so damn much. 

You are hurting your insides. 

You need to heal your heart. 

Your heart is shattered like glass.

Everyone will not use you.

That makes you look insecure when you say that. 

Stop pushing everyone away because that one friend left you hanging.

Stop thinking no one cares like the others didn’t. 

You know how many people you have inspired through your poetry? 

Stop being selfish.

Everything is not about you. 

Everyone else can have an opinion on this planet just like you. 

That little pain in your stomach is telling you something. 


You need to heal from those heartbreaks. 

Healing takes a process like an application process. 

You can not skip any steps. 

Or else your application will not go through. 

Every time you skip a step. 

You got to go back and finish. 

Your therapy sessions is within your writing. 

You can not miss one. 

Each one teach one. 

Your words are valuable.

You are valuable. 

You have to leave this mindset that you are trapped in. 

It makes you look sick like sick preachers in a sick church. 

Everything you say goes right back on you. 

The words you speak about your self makes you look silly. 

Stop seeking attention from folks who could really give a shit. 

And start seeking God again. 

Stop caring what everyone thinks about you. 

That only brings you down to depression. 

Stop saying this world is untrustworthy. 

Build your trust with others. 

If they let you down, pick your self pack up and move on. 

Their are more people around who can show you better. 

You are not alone. 

You might not have plenty of friends at this moment. 

That is okay. 

God will provide better ones in the future.

Never beg anyone to stay in your life as friend. 

If you have to beg. 

Guess what? 

They were a lesson. 

You only 21, you got time to build foundations with friends. 

 This is your time to heal. 

I see you hurt. 

The fake smiles and laughter you show to everyone, I think others can see right through you.

You are never that happy. 


You are a bundle of joy. 

You bring peace in different areas that your presence is in. 

 God sees you. 

He sees the truth in you. 

You hate working. 

You are tired. 

You know more is in you than a cashier. 

You are a Spoken Word Artist. 


You keep letting others down you from not fulfilling your dreams. 

You are waisting your time right now. 

All you do is come home from work and sleep. 

Where is the studio?

Why aren’t you there 

Open mics every weekend. 

You missed one by being lazy and tired. 

Look at you. 

Shattering your dreams already. 

You just gone be another lost poet in the streets. 

Get yo ass up. 

You need healing. 

Time to think about you. 

Where do you want to be in life?

A 9-5 can only leave you stable but, will take up most of your life. 

You only get 24 hours a day. 

Think about it..

You might have to go days with out eating. 

Some people are going weeks with out eating. 

Motive your self baby girl. 

No one is holding your hand anymore. 

It is time to grow up. 

Be accountable of your actions. 

Stay true to you and others. 

Your word is basically all you got. 

Others listen to you. 

You just think they don’t. 

Now, don’t just write this to write like your other pieces. 

Follow through with it. 

It is time to heal. 

You got this. 

Hey you. 

Yeah you. 

Stop over thinking so damn much. 


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